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You might be wondering how to keep bugs out of your home between Bug Out Pest Control services. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep those pesky pests out of your home. Here are a few tips on maintaining a bug-free home this summer, fall, and for the rest of the year.

1. Check Your Doors and Windows

Flying and crawling pests can invade your house through one of the most overlooked places in your house—right through your doors and windows. Make sure all your doors close completely. Consider purchasing some weather stripping for additional pest protection.

In addition to keeping bugs out of the house, bottom door seals also help eliminate drafts in the home. You should check your windows for the same weaknesses but pay special attention to your screens.

2. Keep Bugs Out of Your Home…and Out of Your Firewood

You might not even be thinking of firewood during these warm months, but cooler weather is on the horizon. Before preparing firewood for the cool nights on the way, make sure you store firewood properly to prevent pests.

Storing firewood close to the house is a sure-fire way to attract creepy crawlers and other bugs, even if you’re storing it outside. In fact, if you lift up a piece of your firewood that’s been on the ground for a while, you’ll find lots of insects living on and in it. Firewood should be kept at least five feet away from the house and off the ground if possible.

Try stacking your firewood on the far side of your yard. Invest in a firewood holder you can put elsewhere, or, at the very least, use a tarp or bag to enclose the firewood outside. During the night, insects can crawl through your house’s foundation and right into your home. Moving the firewood pile is perhaps the easiest and most effective prevention method to keep bugs out of your home.

3. Keep Everything Dry

Bugs and insects love a moist environment, even if there is no standing water in your house. Simply put, water attracts pests. Keep bugs out of your home by searching every room for any water damage or plumbing problems. Be sure to check the caulk around bathtubs and showers to make sure they’re draining well.

If you find any leaking faucets or other plumbing problems, make sure to call a professional to get those things fixed right away.

4. Keep Pet Food in One Area

Not only are dogs and cats wonderful companions, but they also protect homes from bugs and insects. Cats love chasing mosquitos or cockroaches, and dogs will chase around grasshoppers. However, even the fastest pet can’t catch every pest that sneaks in.

Always put your pet’s food in a plastic bowl or on a rubber mat, and never on the floor. Even if kibble is accidentally scattered about, it can attract all types of animals to your house. Also teach your pets to eat only from the food bowl to prevent pet food from being dispersed all over the house. Vacuuming often also helps in case kibble gets strewn about.

5. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

This may be the most important tip in keeping bugs out of your home because a clean kitchen is a major preventive measure to stay pest-free.

Seeing a line of ants marching by across your kitchen counter is one of the fastest ways to make you lose your appetite. You don’t have to keep your kitchen gleaming every second of every day, though. It’s enough to make sure there isn’t any food left out that bugs might be attracted to.

Always cover all of your foods with closeable containers, check for spills, wash the dishes in the sink, and keep an eye out for food that sits out that may have spoiled, such as fruit and vegetables.

In order to keep your home free of bugs, a tiny dose of prevention can make a huge difference. But even the cleanest homes sometimes have pest problems. Call Bug Out Pest Control at 317-777-5005 to discuss preventive measures and all the ways we can eliminate any current infestations.

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